"Forced displacement again" Palestinians are ordered by the IOF to leave Rafah, but have no safe place to go to.  Image source: If Americans Knew organization

While people typically tell the truth more easily than telling a lie, when it comes to Gaza, you intentionally lie, tell half the truth, and distort the truth about the reality, thus creating a false narrative to what truly happened in Gaza. Please, let me explain: 

Three days after Al-Aqsa Flood Operation last October, you delivered a 10-minute speech where you laid the blame for the violence squarely on Palestinian fighters, thereby absolving Israel of any responsibility. (Eye on the Middle East, Oct. 2023).
Blaming Palestinians for all the killings is like blaming a rape victim for bunching her rapist on the stomach. I should also note at this point that prior to October 7, Hamas has repeatedly warned Israel not to evict Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah's neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, attack worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and not to bomb civilians' targets in Gaza. Israel ignored the warning and bombed a 15-story residential building in Gaza, which is home to dozens of families and tens of local international media offices. Shamefully, you never made a peep about it. 
Secondly, while every day you wake up, you remind Americans about the Israeli hostages held in Gaza and the urgent needs to have a hostage deal between Israel and Hamas, but at no point did you mention the fate of Palestinian held hostage by Israel. Why? Prior to October 7, Israel was holding 5,200 Palestinian hostages and currently Israel is holding nearly 10,000. 
According to a 2023 report by Amnesty International, Israeli authorities have dramatically increased their use of administrative detention of Palestinians and extended an emergency measure that facilitates inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners. Shamefully, neither the White House nor our State Department ever condemned such repressive and inhumane treatment. 
You do not seem to care or bother that 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza were languishing under illegal and inhumane siege for the last 17 years that left 80% of the strip reliant on international aid. The only time you spoke about it was when they broke the prison walls around Gaza on October 7. To you, Mr. President, the lives of Palestinians are less precious than their Israeli counterparts. 
But that is not all! Only few days after the attack, you told the biggest lie in your life when you stood at the White House flanked by VP Harris and Sec. Blinken and spread disinformation around the event that took place, by stating, "I never really thought that I would see, have confirmed, pictures of terrorists beheading children, and hundreds of raped women." Do you know that bearing false witness is considered a big sin in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? 
You even claimed you saw pictures of decapitated children following the attack on Israel. Ironically, over seven months later the world has not seen any shred of evidence of baked babies and or raped women. Even the Israeli daily Haaretz refuted such claim as a hoax. Having lied about it, you depicted Palestinians as savages and subhuman who should be wiped out and that is exactly what Israel is doing for over seven months, Mr. President.
Your second lie you told was after 19 days of Israeli bombings of Gaza, you abruptly declared that you had “no confidence" in the number of Palestinian death count. You falsely referred to Gaza Health Ministery as "Hamas Health Department," despite the fact that the White House and State Department have in the past used GHM casualty figures in its own previous reports. To challenge your fakes news about casualties, GHM was quick to release a 200 pages list of 6,747 names in total, including their names, ages, and gender, all of them killed during Israel’s assault on Gaza. Again, like in the case of the "beheaded babies" hoax, Crime Minister Netanyahu must have planted the idea in your head. 
Finally, this week after Israel has already murdered 36,000 innocent Palestinians and injured 78,000 more with life-changing injuries, you are threatening to stop supplying bombs to Israel if it launches a major military operation in Rafah. Since when do you have compassion for Palestinians? That is a bunch of B.S. Brave college students across American know that. Are you bothered being called "Genocide Joe" by American people or when student protesters chant, "Joe Biden, you're a liar, we demand a ceasefire!" 
You have already supplied Israel with weapons to last until the end of the year when elections are done. Shamefully, I read today a fabricated report by your henchman Tony Blinken, about Israel’s use of US weapons to Congress. The report justifies Israel's attacks on Gaza, claiming that "there are also credible reports" that Israelis were raped by resistance fighters (my term not his), a claim which was denied by Israel. His report doubles down on Israeli claims that 34,700 people, who were killed in Gaza, were Hamas fighters.
Warmonger Blinken concluded in his report that US weapons used by Israel in Gaza were not in violation of international law. Nevertheless, whatever you, Blinken, and Congress say about Gaza is a big fat lie and gimmick to appease the Israeli lobby. You know it and so is the rest of the world.
You claim to support free speech, but this week, you acted blind, deaf, and mute when three GOP clowns at the House of Representatives introduced a bill that would require students found guilty of unlawful protest on college campuses to serve community service in Gaza for at least 6 months. I find this very absurd and not even a rogue nation would use such a law.
When US Rep. Mike Ezell (R-MS) assaulted Palestinian-American activist Sumer Mobarak for asking to stop the killing in Palestine while advocating on Capitol Hill with CODE PINK. Once again, you were silent as a rock, but were quick to address the Jewish students' concerns about their safety. 
As of this writing, there are more than one million Palestinians trapped in Rafah- they have no place to go after the IOF invaded Rafah and closed the Rafah crossing. You have empowered Israel from day one to act with impunity and no accountability. Any more Palestinian blood spilled in Gaza will be on your hands, because you funded the genocide and so far, you have refused to do your legal and moral obligation to stop it.