29 May 2024

Joe Biden speaks! 

Good evening fellow Americans.

The American Empire has behaved as the indefensible nation since the end of WWII. And...

29 March 2024

Identifying the Unethical Pushers of Experimental Vaccines, Especially the Co-opted, Vaccinology-illiterate Big Media Journalists, Talking Heads, Legislators, Presidents, Governors,...

21 March 2024

A couple of years ago, the iconic gate to the infamous World War II-era extermination camp at Auschwitz was stolen. As far as I know, the “crime” has not been solved. At the top of that gate was this classic bit of Nazi...

19 March 2024

The Story About Fast-tracked Swine Flu Shot Fiascos - and Other Vaccination Fiascos to Come

(Ed note: My locally famous father...

04 March 2024

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